Hi, I'm Claire!

I'm a design researcher and strategist with a background in human-centered design, engineering, and product development research. I bring design thinking expertise, technical understanding and critical analysis, and love for hands-on work and experimentation to any project I undertake. As a former national-caliber track-and-field and cross-country athlete, a strong team-player ethos and a learning mindset are important to me in all work that I do.


My expertise includes resourceful, rapid prototyping for digital products as well as physical products such as surgical devices, facilitating design workshops, conducting interviews and usability tests, and designing in-depth research plans and experiments. I enjoy co-creating with users, hands-on prototyping, and translating abstract problems into specific needs and useful designs.

skills and tools

  • Research and testing strategy

  • Design workshop facilitation - Miro for remote sessions

  • User interviews and insights

  • Journey-mapping

  • Story-gathering

  • Concept and project definition

  • Digital drawing and visual communication - Sketch, InDesign

  • Prototyping - InVision, CAD (Solidworks), 3D printing

  • Usability testing - moderated, unmoderated, in-person, remote through UserTesting

  • A/B testing - Optimizely

  • Project management

  • Design of experiments

  • Data analysis - Google Analytics

  • Informal and academic writing

  • LinkedIn - White Circle